Thursday, 7 August 2008

Few pictures of late...

Merry happy birthday christmas the structure you see the boys on is a early birthday/christmas present but got yesterday so they can use this summer...cough splutter...rained all night last night.

A recent picture of Indy do you think he is getting bigger my mum doesnt and i think he has well grown.

Kids in my extremly large pool.

And walking home on the last day of school..


misteejay said...

Yep, Indy is getting bigger and fluffier LOL

If you need something to spark your mojo why not try some of the sketches that have been published on UKS this week as part of their Sultry Summer Stash Bash '08 - there are some fab results in the gallery of what folk have done with might help.

Toni :o)

caroline said...

wow grace would love that tree house and i think indy is looking more cuter!