Friday, 12 September 2008

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

School holiday...

refuse to call them summer are going so fast, to fast infact i love the lazy mornings and having Carter at home with the odd extra friend round to...

Dont worry the kids are all safe the house was not falling down i was lost sense of gravity and ave a drunk photo but i quite like it, it was hard to try and a picture of 10 children al looking at the camera i think Ty and Mark are hiding my carter.

This was a picnic Carter had with Callum and Alex on friday not sure if i can post pictures of them so best to not.

Doing a page at the moment it's nearly complete just some tweaking to do then i will post.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Few pictures of late...

Merry happy birthday christmas the structure you see the boys on is a early birthday/christmas present but got yesterday so they can use this summer...cough splutter...rained all night last night.

A recent picture of Indy do you think he is getting bigger my mum doesnt and i think he has well grown.

Kids in my extremly large pool.

And walking home on the last day of school..

Straight up funk

I so mean to come here and post with updates on our everyday i sit on the pc and look round random sites when i could be scrapbooking or posting on my blog but i dont i so want to scrap i just tried to order some pictures to inspire me but the new photobox just ticks me off much preferred it before, got a couple of scrapbook mags the other day and was all for coming home and creating i dont know what i need to do to just sit and make something its frustraiting me now i have a new dog i have not scrapped yet, holiday pictures the list is endless i think because its been a while i am scared i am going to be rubbish or dated and i know that it does not even matter and i should just do it i tried to do a page of Ty the other day and was close to tears for all the things i wanted to say for all the pages he has not got and that Carter has i only work two nights now so someone kick me up the bum to get something done set me a challenge please.

Anyway in other news Ty is doing so well on the potty front, only today we have had a number 2 and i counted 8 wee's on Tuesday and think sunday was the last time he wet his pants its only been 2 weeks of properly trying so i am so proud of him as last week he had a fear of going full top and was holding his wee's for 16 hours at a time. He has been dry nearly everynight for 2 weeks so when all the nappy pants are gone i will get some bed mats and try night times.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Monday, 16 June 2008

And they call it Puppy love.................

Meet Indiana he is the new addition to our family and will be coming home tomorrow, Sharon is taking me to collect him in the morning. He is a cavalier king charles Spaniel and i am so so excited watch this space for more pictures.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hello and welcome to my blog part two...

I decided to start a new blog as i turned Boy oh Boy into a book and if i want to do it again in the future i dont want to download other blog again.

So i could not come up with a name it was late and my brain had gone to sleep i will keep thinking of something better than "nothing springs to mind".

Thought i should post a layout i fininshed last night, first one in ages and another one started.